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Visiting SickKids

Additional resources

We also recommend some of these links, which will provide you with additional information to help you prepare for your upcoming surgery at SickKids.

Visiting SickKids

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Family rights and responsibilities

You are important to us and we remain committed to supporting you as a patient or family member. To find out more about family rights and responsibilities visit our family right and responsibilities website.

Patient safety

At SickKids the safety of patients, staff and visitors is our number one priority. Regardless of our role in the hospital, we all contribute to making a safe environment - safety is everyone's responsibility. To find out more about our safety policies and how to get involved, visit our patient safety website.

International patients

The International Patient Program provides a single point of access, service and coordination for international patients and their families. For more information about the international patient program visit our website.


We will protect the privacy of all the information you have us. To find out more about our privacy policies and how we protect your information, visit our privacy website.

Programs and Services


AboutKidsHealth is an information site for you and your child to read and learn about the procedure and the post-op recovery of your child’s health and surgery. For more information regarding general health, surgery and taking care of your child at home, please visit AboutKidsHealth.

AboutKidsHealth Family Resource Centre

The Family Centre at SickKids provides a range of resources and services for in- and outpatient families. The Centre is the hub for family-centred care at SickKids, to learn more, please visit AboutKidsHealth Family Resource Centre's website.


For information about temporary accommodation concerns and inquiries, please visit our accommodations web page.


The hospital offers spiritual and emotional care to families, patients, and staff. To learn more about our Chaplains and for any general inquiries, visit our chaplains web page.

Child Life

Child Life Programs focus on the social and emotional impact of illness and hospitalization and strives to promote a positive hospital experience for children. Child Life Specialists also use play as a tool for socialization, preparation, expression of feelings, normalization and learning. To learn more about child life and how to get in touch with a specialist, visit our child life web page.

Children's Council

The Children's Council is a group of 10 kids ages nine to 18 who are dedicated to helping make SickKids a better place for kids. Nominated by hospital staff, the Children's Council members represent various units within the hospital. To find out more about our Children's Council, please visit our website.

Family Centred Care Advisory Council 

Interpreter services

The hospital offers interpreter services for families and patients who are hearing impaired or whose English is limited. To find out more about this service, please visit our interpreter services website.

Two children smiling

Marnie's Lounge

A recreational room for children well equipped with games, movies and more fun! To learn more about Marnie’s Lounge and to find out it’s hours, visit Marnie’s Lounge.

Child and Family Relations

Provides an opportunity for you to discuss any concerns or share any compliments you may have about your care experience. To learn more, visit child and family relations.

The Play Park

The Play Park is a project of the Women's Auxiliary in partnership with the Canadian Tire Foundation for Families. It is a safe and happy play place for brothers and sisters of our patients. Parents are welcome to leave children at the Play Park while they visit a child in hospital, talk to their child's doctor, or take a break between clinic appointments. To find out more about the play park, visit the play park.

Social Work

The Department of Social Work provides a full range of services to patients and families affiliated with in-patient and outpatient programs of the Hospital. To find out more about the social work at SickKids, visit social work.

About SickKids