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What are the risks?

Understanding the risks

Anesthesia is a powerful drug that can cause side-effects.  It is very important that you understand the risks.

Anesthesia affects some of the body's functions like breathing (lungs and airway) and circulation (the heart).  Your child's anesthesiologist will be with your child during the procedure or operation to make sure they stay healthy and stable.  However, there is a small chance your child will react badly to the medicine.

To reduce these risks, tell your health care team about any medical problems your child has, especially ones involving airway, breathing or the heart.

Is my child's risk higher than usual?

Your child must be well or at a normal state of health on the day of the anesthetic or procedure.  Being unwell or having medical issues increases the risks of anesthesia.

Does your child have any of the health issues listed below?

Your child will also be asked questions during the Pre-Anesthesia Screening Appointment to determine if there are any other factors that may increase their risk.