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Visiting SickKids

Parents most frequently asked questions

While in the Surgical Waiting Room                                        A mother and father holding their children

How many family members can accompany the child to the hospital?

Only two adults may escort a child throughout the day from registration to recovery. Your child’s siblings are not permitted to accompany you throughout the day from registration to recovery, for reasons of infection control and patient safety.

Adults who are accompanying a child must wear identifying sticker:   

Is there a place where my other child/children can wait during surgery?

The Play Park is a safe place for brothers and sisters of patients to play.  For more information, please visit: The Play Park.

Can I take my infant into recovery because I have no babysitter with me?

Normally, this is not allowed.  The Play Park does not take children under two years of age. The patient will remain by him/her self if there is no one to care for the infant.


How do I give me child a bath prior to surgery?

As part of the Caring Safely initiative, we have standardized the pre-operative bathing procedure. Prior to going into surgery, your child's nurse will give you instructions about how to preform a pre-operative bath using pre-packaged wipes.

For more information, see the Pre-Operative Patient Bathing guide.


Can my other child visit in recovery?  Can grandparents and other family members visit in recovery?

The guideline in place for visiting patients in recovery is that only parents are permitted, unless the parent is alone, in which case one other person may accompany the parent for a short visit.  Post Anesthetic Care Unit (PACU) nurses discourage switching. One parent may stay with the child. Children, in almost all circumstances, are not allowed in PACU. 


Can I come to the recovery room before my child wakes up?

Parents cannot be in the recovery room before their child wakes up. The PACU nurses need to check up on the child before the parents are allowed in to visit. 


Will I receive information about the progress during the procedure?

For the most part, there are not any updates given during surgery. The general rule is that volunteers only ask for updates once a procedure exceeds one hour or more over the scheduled time.


Can volunteers give me information about my child?

Volunteers are unable to give information about a patient unless specifically requested to do so by the surgeon or nurse.