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Visiting SickKids

Preparation checklist

Please print, fill out and use this checklist to help prepare for the day of surgery:

Surgical Date ______________________________

Arrival Time _______________________________

  • (2 hours before surgical time)
  • (Please register at our Pre-op surgical registration counter; Main floor, Elizabeth St. Entrance, near Starbucks)

Surgical Time _____________________________

Bring Ontario Health Card

Bring SickKids Card (if you have one)

Name and telephone number of your family doctor and/or paediatrician

Name and telephone number of any specialists you may have




Bring Medication Worksheet List and all your medication in their original container

  • This includes pills, inhalers or puffers, injections and eye drops
  • Also bring any herbal medications or vitamins

Remember to strictly follow the instructions given in our Eating and drinking before surgery section

Proper car seat

Comfortable clothing

Favourite drinking cup or bottle




  • No makeup/nail polish
  • No jewelry/piercings



Remember to bring (if applicable):

  • Eyeglasses and case
  • Retainer and case


A security object or comfort item:

  • i.e. favourite toy, blanket, pillow, book

Feel free to fill in your own blanks with what is unique and special to you!