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Breathing, heart or other medical issues

Baby with nasal prongsChildren with breathing, heart or other serious medical issues need special care when given anesthesia for a procedure or operation. Your child’s anesthesiologist will work to reduce your child’s risk of reacting badly to the medicines before the procedure and will care for them during and after the anesthesia to make sure they are stable.

If your child has a chronic (ongoing) or complex medical problem you must tell your anesthesiologist about their normal health routines and conditions. You need to work with your anesthesiologist to make a care plan that is best for your child. If your child has a specialist, the anesthesiologist may require documentation or need to communicate with them in order to determine the best way to support them during and after the surgery.

Please call the Pre-Anesthesia Clinic a week as soon as you can to begin the screening process. You may also be contacted by the Clinic directly.