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Herbal medications and supplements

Herbal medicines and supplements can be a big part of your child’s usual health routine. However, some herbal medicines that are normally safe can cause problems if your child is having a procedure or operation under anesthesia.

Herbal medicines can be unsafe for children under anesthesia because:

  • Manufacturing of herbals is not regulated and your doctor will not know exactly what is in the medicine
  • Herbals may increase your child’s risk of bleeding
  • Herbals make anesthesia last longer
  • Herbals may cause low or high blood pressure
  • Herbals can cause many other side-effects and complications

It is important that you tell your anesthesiologist about ALL herbal medications your child may have taken. 

If you have not been contacted, call the Pre-Anesthesia Clinic at least two weeks before your child’s procedure or operation.