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Visiting SickKids

Parking feedback

SickKids understands parking costs are an additional financial burden for families with a child undergoing care at the hospital, particularly patients requiring extended in-patient stays or frequent clinic visits. For the past several years, SickKids has offered discounted parking for families who have to visit SickKids on a frequent basis. In fall 2016, we introduced a new multi-use pass (H Pass) that offers a 50 per cent discount off the regular daily rate to parents of patients and their frequent visitors.

As always, we appreciate your feedback. Any comments or suggestions you’d like to share can be emailed directly or submitted anonymously through the following feedback form.

Please note this form is for patient and family input regarding the introduction of the H Pass only. It is NOT for customer service inquiries. If you have a customer-related inquiry, contact the Parking Office located on Parking Level 1 (P1).