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Visiting SickKids

SickKids is more than a hospital

SickKids is one of the largest and most respected paediatric academic health science centres in the world. We are known around the world for our excellent patient care, carrying out leading-edge research, and teaching and training the health-care workers of tomorrow.

Family-centred care

Excellent patient care has always been, and will always be, very important to SickKids. We work together with your family so your child gets the best possible care. This is called family-centred care. With family-centred care we:

  • give you the information and support you need.
  • respect your family's beliefs, traditions, and ways of coping.
  • ask you to tell us about your child and make suggestions to us about caring for your child.
  • want you to ask any questions you have and tell us about any concerns you have.


Since 1954, scientists at SickKids have carried out research in many different areas. Led by some of the world's top scientists, SickKids has made many important discoveries - including the discoveries of a number of genes that cause diseases.

While you are here, we may ask you if you would let your child take part in one of our research studies. If we do, we will explain why we are doing the research and how the study will work. If you agree to let your child take part we will ask you to sign a form. Your child will still be well cared for if you do not want him or her to take part.

Teaching and training

As one of the teaching hospitals for the University of Toronto, SickKids teaches and trains men and women from around the world to become doctors, nurses and other important health-care workers such as social workers, physiotherapists and dietitians.

While you are at SickKids, your child may be seen by these students. These students do not make decisions or treat patients by themselves.