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Visiting SickKids

Going home

Before you go home, your child’s nurse will tell you about:

  • your child’s medicine
  • how to care for your child at home
  • any follow-up clinic appointments that your child has
  • who to call if you have questions


If you need medicine that your doctor ordered, you can buy it at Shoppers Drug Mart on the Main Floor.

Insurance coverage 

If you are not covered for prescriptions and equipment needs, please alert your care team as early as possible so they can help connect you with support programs that may be able to assist you.

Preparing your local health-care team

It may be possible to connect via video conferencing with your local health-care team prior to going home to help them understand how to continue your child’s care.  Ask your doctor if this would be suitable.

Picking up your child

If you send someone to pick up your child from the hospital, that person must be at least 16 years old and have a signed letter from you that says he or she has your permission to pick up your child.

Taking your child home safely

We want to make sure that you get home safely. All children must be fastened into an approved car or booster seat or wear a seatbelt while they are travelling in a car. Please bring your child’s car seat with you when you come to take your child home. All children must ride in a car seat or wear a seatbelt while travelling in a vehicle.

If you need accessible transportation, please call Wheel-Trans at 416-393-4222. Vehicles stop at the Atrium Main Entrance.

Follow-up appointments

You may be able to attend some of your SickKids follow-up appointments via a video link from your local health-care facility. Ask your physician prior to discharge if this would be appropriate.

Home care

If your health-care team decides that your child needs special care at home, ask them to refer you to a Community Care Access Co-ordinator who can arrange for services before you leave the hospital.

Ensure you understand how to use medications and equipment that you are bringing home. Ask someone to demonstrate how equipment works if you are not sure.