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Visiting SickKids

Staying at SickKids

Get help planning your stay at SickKids, including: getting ready for the hospital, at the hospital, things for children to do, nearby accommodations, staying connected, keeping track of your child's medical history, medical staff you might meet and going home.

This information will help make your visit to the hospital easier. If you cannot find the information you need, please call the hospital operator at 416-813-1500. 

The SickKids Family Guidebook will help you navigate your way through SickKids and provide you with valuable information you will need during your time here. It also includes many parent tips, important contact numbers, information on supports and services, as well as fun things for children to do while in hospital. Download a PDF of the latest version of the book.

If your child is coming for a test, procedure or surgery requiring an anesthetic, please visit our Coming for Surgery section of our website for more information.

If you need help at any time while you are in the hospital, you can ask someone at the Information Desk on the main floor in the Atrium (the new part of the hospital). Or you can ask any of our staff.