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Visiting SickKids

Visiting a patient

PLAN AHEAD! It may take you longer to get to SickKids during the Pan Am Games 

Toronto and other cities in the Golden Horseshoe will be hosting the Pan Am Games (July 10-26) and Parapan Am Games (Aug. 7-15) this summer. During the games, some roads will be busier than normal. In addition, temporary traffic measures, such as turning bans, will be in place near games venues. Because there are training facilities, event sites and a host hotel not too far from SickKids, these traffic measures may affect your drive to and from SickKids.

Detailed traffic plans are posted on the Pan Am Games official website. Some of the traffic measures begin in late-June, before the games officially begin, so make sure you check the site if you are coming to SickKids any time between late-June and late-August.

General guidelines

Parents are welcome to come to SickKids at any time of the day or night. Visiting hours for others are from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Visitors need to check in with the unit clerk. Some units have special guidelines.

Children can have up to four visitors at one time, including parents (or guardians). This may vary on each unit.

Healthy visitors only!

Do not visit the hospital if you are sick or have been sick in the last week.

Family members and children over 12 years of age should check themselves for the following symptoms before they come to SickKids:

  • fever
  • new or unexplained cough
  • unexplained shortness of breath
  • diarrhea or vomiting
  • runny nose/sneezing
  • rash

Visitors 12 years of age and younger will be checked to make sure they are healthy and will be given a "badge of good health" sticker. Children who do not receive a sticker may be asked to come back when they are healthy again.

Do not bring:

  • latex balloons
  • small toys that can be swallowed
  • toys that make sparks
  • food with nuts
  • fresh flowers or plants


Please do not take photographs or videos of other patients or their families. Please ask permission before taking a photo/video of a staff member. Do not post photos/videos of staff, other patients or their families on the Internet, including social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or CarePages.

No smoking

Smoking is not allowed on SickKids property, either inside or outside, including in the underground parking garage.

No fragrances

To reduce the potential for adverse health effects related to the use of fragrances, please do not wear, use or apply fragrances while at SickKids.  

Assistance dogs

Assistance dogs for people with disabilities are allowed at SickKids. Please make sure they are clean and have up-to-date immunizations.