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Women's Auxiliary Volunteers
Women's Auxiliary Volunteers

WA Board of Directors 2016-2017

Photo of WAV President, Pam Stevens

PRESIDENT: Pam Stevens

Pam joined the WAV in 2008. She began her volunteer work at the Main Information Desk and since then has held several board positions including Treasurer and Vice President. Pam’s background is in banking and finance. She is the mother of three young adult women, a pianist and enjoys food, travel and the performing arts.

Photo of Susan Lambie


Susan joined the WAV in 2015, and has served in both the Ultrasound Department and the 5Fifty5 Shop. Susan sits on the Play Park renovation committee, and has also worked on the WAV Holiday Card program. Susan worked in the financial services industry before leaving to raise her two daughters, who are now at university. She was a very active volunteer at their school during the years leading up to their graduation. In her free time, Susan enjoys cooking, reading, her book club, and travel.

Photo of Jenn Abbott

SECRETARY: Jenn Abbott

Jenn joined the WAV in 2010. Her experience in policy development and implementation is an asset to her current role as Board Secretary. Previously she spent three years on the WAV Board of Directors as Projects Chair and as Member-at-Large. Jenn volunteered with the Haematology/Oncology patients and is currently volunteering with the WAV’s Bravery Bead program which provides patients with beads that represent their unique and personal journey through treatment. She is also on the bravery jewellery team. Jenn continues to volunteer at her children’s schools and is passionate about her family, travel and enjoying life to the fullest.

Photo of Caroline Pennie


Caroline joined the WAV in 2013. Caroline’s career was focused in the area of Food Management. In addition to working she has had the pleasure of raising her daughter Isabel and her son Ian. Caroline has volunteered for many organizations during this time.  Some of  which include; Parent Council at Lambton Kingsway Junior Middle School with a special interest in student safety, fundraising for the DAREArts Organization and the William Osler Health System, volunteering at Kingsway Lambton United Church and serving on several committees and the on the Board of Directors at Lambton Golf and Country Club.

In addition to her board position, Caroline serves in the Surgical Waiting Room. In 2014, she joined the Board of Directors in the role of Assistant Projects Chair, and in 2015, Caroline began her role as Projects Chair.

Caroline enjoys playing golf, tennis, hiking and traveling the world with her family and friends.

Image of Tanya Fraser

TREASURER: Tanya Fraser

Tanya joined the WAV in 2014 and has been volunteering in the Surgical Waiting Room. Tanya has taught high school math and science for over ten years, and has served as Director at Blyth Academy and Sylvan Learning Centres. She is a proud mother of two young daughters and enjoys travelling and staying active with her family, gardening, sports and ballet.

Photo of Laurie Blair


Laurie joined the WAV in 2011, bringing skills and experience in strategic planning and management from her career in business. She worked with children as a Girl Guide leader and is proud to be the mother of two daughters in university. In addition to her board position she is the Service Coordinator on 8D Haematology/Oncology. Laurie further balances her life by sitting on two golf committees.

Photo of Leslie Sigurdson


Leslie joined the WAV in 2014 following in the footsteps of her mother who was an active volunteer for over 25 years. She volunteers in the Surgical Waiting Room. Leslie is the mother of four daughters and retired from her career as a lawyer many years ago. In her spare time she enjoys tennis, golf, skiing, cycling and travel.

Photo of Sue Dowling


Sue joined the WAV in 2013 after her children left for university. Throughout her children’s school years, Sue was heavily involved in school volunteer services and committees. She also spent many years serving on her local golf committee. In addition to her board position, Sue works in the Surgical Waiting Room and for the past three years has co-convened the baking and preserves table for the Annual WAV Holiday Sale. Sue's other passions include tennis, golf, skiing, cooking and traveling with her family.

Photo of Linda Lazzam


Linda joined the WAV in 2016.  She was trained as a Registered Nurse and worked for 20 years at TGH.  Her first experience at Sick Kids was as a student nurse.

While her two children were at school, Linda was very involved in volunteering at various elementary schools. She currently volunteers in the 555 Shop, and last year, co-convened the bake sale at the annual WAV Holiday Sale. Linda enjoys reading, movies, theatre, baking, travelling and spending time with her family and friends.  This past winter she and her husband took up curling and are hooked.


Photo of Sue de la Plante

PROJECTS CHAIR: Susan de la Plante

Susan joined the WAV in 2013 and is presently volunteering at the Main Information Desk. Her management experience at a Canadian multi-national corporation has been helpful in her current role as the WAV Communications Coordinator and for serving on the Board.

Previously Susan volunteered in the Family Centre and was Shop Chair of The 5Fifty5 Shop. Now as Projects Chair, she helps to ensure that the funds raised by the WAV are thoughtfully dedicated to SickKids projects. Susan enjoys travelling, photography and cycling.


Photo of Sheila Bacopulos


Sheila joined the WAV in 2001 working in Haematology/Oncology and the Play Park. She became a Board member in 2005 as Associate Placement/Placement Chair and again in 2008 as 2nd VP - President.

Sheila currently works on the Main Information Desk, in the Surgical Waiting Room, and occasionally in the 5Fifty5 Shop.

Sheila’s skills as a graphic designer have been utilized in WAV over the years.  She is a yoga teacher and proud mother of three girls and four grandchildren. She loves travel, the arts, reading, playing golf and walking her dog.

Photo of Janet Humphreys

SHOP CHAIR: Janet Humphreys

Janet joined WAV in 2000, where she worked the evening shift in the 5Fifty5 Shop. When she retired from business, she moved to the Play Park where she volunteered for eight years. Janet sat on the Board of Directors as Associate Treasurer, and then as Treasurer. Janet is currently volunteering in the 5Fifty5 Shop and is the buyer for their greeting cards. Janet loves travelling, exploring Toronto and practicing yoga.


Marianne joined the WAV in 2014. She has been volunteering in the 5Fifty5 Shop and is one of the buyers for the store.  Marianne has three children and enjoys skiing, cycling, swimming, yoga and traveling.


Photo of Yvonne Lawson


Yvonne joined the WAV in 2012. She has previously been on the board as Membership Chair. Yvonne is the Service Coordinator for the Main Information Desk and works with the Bravery Bead program. Yvonne is also very involved with running a very successful fundraiser called ‘Rock the Joint’ for the Arthritis Society. She is also on the board of The Counselling Foundation of Canada. In her spare time she enjoys golfing, hiking, reading and travelling.

Photo of Hayley Leclair

MEMBER-AT-LARGE: Hayley Leclair

Hayley joined WAV in 2010 when her youngest child started a full day of school. She has since been volunteering in the Haematology/Oncology Department.

Hayley’s background in account management helps her run the Toronto chapter of a nationwide women’s charity, The Shoebox Project. In addition, she is active on a variety of committees at both her children’s schools and enjoys playing tennis, walking her dog and working out.