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About SickKids

Maria Mylopoulos, PhD

Research Institute
Child Health Evaluative Sciences

Learning Institute
Education Researcher
Learning Institute

University of Toronto
Assistant Professor

Cross-Appointed Scientist
Wilson Centre for Research in Education

Phone: 416-813-7654 x3126
e-mail: maria.mylopoulos@sickkids.ca

External e-mail: maria.mylopoulos@utoronto.ca

Brief Biography

Dr. Maria Mylopoulos received her PhD in Human Development and Education from the University of Toronto, specializing in Applied Cognitive Science. She also completed a CHSRF/CIHR postdoctoral fellowship at the Wilson Centre for Research in Education.

Mylopoulos’ research program explores the development and maintenance of expertise, with a particular focus on how knowledge is constructed by professionals through the everyday activity of innovative problem solving. The goal of her research is to evolve our understanding of the cognitive and meta-cognitive processes that underpin this form of innovation as it occurs in real-world contexts, using theoretical frameworks of adaptive expertise, knowledge building and cognitive anthropology.   

Current research projects include exploring the construct of team adaptive expertise, investigating the process of innovating in the OR context and exploring the phenomenon of performance improvement over time. Through ongoing collaborations, Mylopoulos is expanding the scope of her research program to address issues in the areas of learning transfer, informal self-regulated learning, team learning and constructions of competence.


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