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Adolescent Medicine

Adolescent Medicine

SickKids has a longstanding commitment to the health and well-being of adolescents. The Division of Adolescent Medicine and the Teen Clinic are core components of SickKids provision of advanced health care to teens, research about adolescents and their health and the training and education of doctors, nurses, social workers, psychologists, dieticians and others about adolescent development and health. The Division is the founding academic program in Adolescent Medicine in Canada.

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We are committed to high quality, developmentally-appropriate clinical care in five areas: eating disorders; substance abuse; high-risk adolescent parents; chronic illness and transition to adult care. With the Division of Endocrinology, we run a clinic for transgendered teens and with the Gynaecology Program, we run a Complex Contraception Clinic. We try to be available anywhere in the hospital that teenagers can be found, and regularly attend the HIV clinic, Lupus clinic, STOMP, Sickle Cell clinic, Kidney Transplant clinic and Heart Transplant clinic. We are an integral part of the Eating Disorders Program.

Our close-knit interprofessional team operates using a number of different models—eating disorders inpatient and day hospital care, outpatient and day treatment for substance abuse, in and outpatient consultations throughout the hospital and outpatient clinics for all of our programs.

We are also proud to work with a number of community partners.

Our site will give you a better idea of how our clinical, educational and research programs work.  Welcome!

Dr. Miriam Kaufman, Head of the Division of Adolescent Medicine

What we do

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Education and learning

The Division of Adolescent Medicine provides clinical teaching for medical students, residents, fellows, and other interdisciplinary trainees. 

Research activities

Research activities are an integral part of the activities of the members of the Division of Adolescent Medicine.