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pictures of the Alan Brown Building
Alan Brown Building

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Apartment Availability and Assignment

Based on the availability of apartments, applicants will be notified of their application status by email approximately 60 days in advance of their requested move-in date. At that time applicants will then be offered and assigned accommodations.  

If the applicant's first choice is available, it will be assigned.  If the applicant's first choice is not available, then the second choice will be assigned etc.  Applicants not assigned their first choice will have the opportunity to stay on a waiting list for their first choice of apartment type, and if it becomes available (before or after moving in), there will be an opportunity to switch to the first choice as soon as possible. 

In the event that an apartment is not available for the period requested,  the applicant will be held in sequence on a waiting list. Property Management will endeavor to assign accommodations, as soon as they become available,  for up to 60 days past the requested move-in date. If the applicant is not notified within the 60 days, they may contact the Property Management Office to be extended on this waiting list for another 60-day period.