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pictures of the Alan Brown Building
Alan Brown Building

Building information

Location, Location, Location!
Right in the heart of downtown, the Alan Brown Building is steps away from places like Yonge-Dundas Square, the Toronto Eaton Centre, Nathan Phillips Square and has one of the most beautiful views of the city - including our world-famous CN Tower!

Green Building!
Recycling at the Alan Brown Building is as easy as the push of a button.  Each residential floor is equipped with its own disposal closet and chute that leads to a tri-sorting system.  When disposing of household recycling, organics, or garbage, residents simply press the corresponding button. 

Green Space!
The Alan Brown Building boasts a lovely outdoor terrace six floors up, on the south side and includes a large picnic area and playground.  The terrace is landscaped and designed to provide a unique, quiet 'green space' in the middle of the city.

The Ultimate in Convenience!
The Alan Brown Building is located just across Elm Street from The Hospital for Sick Children.  The Toronto Bus Terminal, with is located half a block away.  The subway is one block away.  Union Station, with express airport transportation, is a few subway stops away.

Fitness Facility!
Exclusively available to Alan Brown Building Residents, this modern fitness facility has a treadmill, cross-trainer, three-station universal gym, full set of hand weights, weight bench, exercise mats and a flat screen television. No need for a gym membership, save your money and exercise at home!