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pictures of the Alan Brown Building
Alan Brown Building

After arrival

  • If not already completed, contact Toronto Hydro-Electric (416-542-8000, Toronto Hydro Online Sign-up) right away to sign up for an electricity account in your name (you can request an interpreter if necessary).  Inform Toronto Hydro-Electric of the possession date of the apartment.  Administration fee(s) will be charged if sign up is not complete by the apartment assignment date.
  • Be sure to obtain a bank account and submit an EFT form (electronic funds transfer from a Canadian bank account) to the Property Management Office prior to the first day of the month following your occupancy date to avoid late payments fees. For further information on EFT contact  Property Management.
  • Be sure to submit your Contact Information Form to Property Management to be connected to the enterphone service (to be able to grant lobby entry by phone for guests and services).  Property Management will program your entry code (three-digit code for each apartment) with the phone number you wish (can be a land line or mobile phone number - please specify your preference).  Enterphone service cannot be connected until the Contact Information Form is filled out in full and submitted to the Property Management office for your file.  
  • If you encounter any required repairs in your apartment during your stay, please report urgent issues directly to the Colliers 24 hr Service Centre 1-877-255-5888.  For non-urgent repairs, please email service.centre@colliers.com.
  • If the moving elevator is required for delivery of boxes or furniture, please contact Property Management to reserve an available time for the moving elevator.
  • Please feel free to arrange personal apartment services (phone, television, Internet services) if not already completed.  The two largest companies for phone, television and Internet services are Bell and Rogers.
  • If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact or visit the staff in Property Management and we will be happy to help!