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pictures of the Alan Brown Building
Alan Brown Building


Emergency Contact Numbers

• Emergency 911
• Fire Department 911
• Police 911
• Ambulance 911
• Poison Information 416-813-5900 or 1-800-268-9017

The Hospital for Sick Children/Alan Brown Building 24-hour Security -
Located in the south lobby of the Elizabeth McMaster Research Building, 88 Elm Street, right across from 77 Elm Street.
The Alan Brown Building has 24-hour security monitoring and guard patrols.

Alan Brown Garage Emergency Assistance Pull Stations
Bright yellow painted pillars are the Emergency Pull Stations that have been installed at various locations throughout the garage.  Emergency Pull Stations operate in the same manner as the common Fire Alarm Pull Stations, and can be used by anyone to immediately summon assistance.

The Alan Brown Building is, without a doubt, a safe place to stay - just ask our current and past residents!  The above measures are preventative and help make our new residents and visitors feel safe and supported.