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Breastfeeding Program
Breastfeeding Program

Frequently Asked Questions

1. My baby will be admitted immediately after birth or for surgery to Sickkids. I am breastfeeding/providing breast milk and wondered if I should bring a breast pump?

Currently we are requesting mothers use SickKids’ pump and kits while in hospital. SickKids provides hospital grade pumps and breast pump kits on each unit of the hospital. The nurses on each floor provide instruction on where and how to use the pump and orientate you to care of breast pumping equipment. As well there is a video “How to Establish and Maintain Expressing Breast Milk” (see link below). Lactation consultants are available if you have concerns with decreased breast milk volume or experience pain when you are pumping. The Specialty Food Shop on the main floor carries breastfeeding supplies as well as hospital recommended breast pumps to buy or rent for use at home.

Please see the following for more information:

See videos at:

2. I find it painful when I breastfeed my baby. Is it possible to have help with this when my baby is admitted to SickKids?

Lactation consultants provide assessments on a referral basis for inpatients. When your baby is ready to breastfeed as determined by your baby’s doctor, you can request to be seen by the lactation consultant. You can also get breastfeeding support in the community by searching online at www.ontariobreastfeeds.ca.

For more general information about breastfeeding, please see: