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Cancer Genetics Program

Research studies

The laboratory has achieved great success over the past five years, and the scientific impact of its studies has been felt around the world. Significant discoveries include:

  • The association of a specific DNA tumour virus with development of certain childhood cancers in genetically predisposed individuals
  • The discovery of molecular ‘pathways’ that may serve as target for new therapies for paediatric brain tumours
  • The identification of novel familial cancer associations that may ultimately lead to discovery of novel cancer genes
  • The identification of the genetic mechanism associated with earlier onset of cancer in predisposed families
  • The development of a model that explains the role of defects in genes or large genomic regions that modify the effects of inheritance of mutant p53
  • The identification of enhanced DNA copy number variation as an mechanism to explain the development of a wide spectrum of cancers in individuals with apparently a single common genetic event.