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Miscellaneous Products

Boxed Cotton Stockinettes (various sizes)

100% cotton, seamless knit, tubular material to make undershirts for various spinal orthoses. 

Gel Heel Cups and Insoles

Gel heel cups and insoles for comfort and support.

Smartknit Seamless AFO and KAFO Socks

Ready-made, seamless, wrinkle-free ankle-foot and knee-ankle-foot orthotic socks made with Coolmax® material.

Royal Knit Torso Body Sock

Ready-made, seamless, wrinkle-free full body sock with Coolmax® material.


AFO (Ankle Foot Orthoses - any size)

Coloured/patterned transfers adhered to AFOs.

Looney Tunes ® Characters

Coloured/patterned transfers with favourite Looney Tunes ® characters.

Spinal Orthoses (any size)

Coloured/patterned transfers adhered to spinal orthoses.

Various patterns/designs, sports teams

Coloured/patterned transfers with various designs.