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The Children's Orthotics Clinic

What we do

Goals of services and treatment

The professional team at The Children's Orthotics Clinic strives to improve the quality of life for all patients. During treatment, the goals may include the following:

  • Provide orthoses that are lightweight, durable and acceptable in cosmesis
  • Correct or prevent bony alignment problems due to structural abnormalities
  • Improve walking efficiency
  • Support weak muscles from neurological conditions
  • Reduce pain by supporting or protecting affected joints

Pre- and custom- made orthotics for children of all ages

The Children's Orthotics Clinic carries a wide variety of orthotics for children of all ages. Patients must have a prescription or a referral with a diagnosis from a physician before making an appointment with the clinic. Any physician can refer you to our department. If you do not have a prescription or referral, please visit your physician before contacting our clinic.


Visit our coverage page for information on various funding for your orthosis.