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Clinical Practice Guidelines

Development process

The Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPG) program supports two basic methodology frameworks for guideline development.

ADAPTE Collaboration Framework

The ADAPTE Collaboration has developed a systematic approach for the adaptation of guidelines produced in one organizational context to be used in a different organizational context. The framework supports a process where interdisciplinary teams review published CPGs and assess if these can be adapted for use at SickKids. The framework leads the groups through a series of steps to complete this process in a systematic, scientifically rigorous manner.  The benefit of using this process is the development process is significantly reduced which allows the team to focus on actively implement recommendations with the frontline health care providers to improve patient care and outcomes.

Systematic Review and Development

Not all guideline topics have published guidelines which are applicable to adapt for use at SickKids.  In these instances, guideline groups are encouraged to use a systematic process, such as the Scottish Intercollegiate Guideline Network (SIGN 50: A guideline developer’s handbook) to develop their guideline.

In most cases it is a combination of the above two processes.  A published guideline may be used as an outline, but a systematic review is required to update the published guideline or to fill in questions not answered in the adapted CPG.  For this reason, each CPG includes a summary of the development process used.

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