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Communication Disorders
Communication Disorders

Working with Hearing Aids(s)

Candidacy for hearing aid(s)
Getting your aearing aid(s)

Cost and funding

Questions to ask when shopping for your child’s hearing aid

Candidacy for hearing aid(s)

Hearing aid(s) are recommended for children of all ages when the child’s hearing levels limit consistent access to speech and language.  

Getting your hearing aid(s)

When a hearing loss is identified, audiologists will prescribe a suitable hearing aid(s) and continue to follow the child with the hearing aid(s).  The Audiology Clinic at The Hospital for Sick Children does not sell or dispense hearing aids.  The family must select a Hearing Aid Dispenser from whom to purchase the hearing aid(s).  A complete list of vendors in your area can be provided by your audiologist.  

The audiologist, in consultation with the family, will select a hearing aid(s) most suitable for the child.  This primarily depends on type and severity of the child’s hearing loss.  Once a hearing aid(s) has been selected, the audiologist will prepare the prescription for that aid(s) and the family can take the prescription to a Hearing Aid Dispensary of their choice. The Fitting Specialist (Audiologist or Hearing Instrument Practitioner) will fit the hearing aid on the child for the first time based on the settings outlined in the audiologist’s prescription. The family is expected to follow up with their audiologist during the hearing aid(s) trial period, this is most often within four weeks of the initial fit (known as the four week check appointment).  It is recommended that the family bring the hearing aid(s) to any and every appointment the child has with the Audiology Clinic and Otolaryngology Clinic.

Cost and funding

The Assistive Devices Program, funded by the Provincial government will contribute $500 per hearing aid.  The child may be eligible for this grant every three years.  For more information on this program, see Assistive Devices Program, Hearing Aids-Children.

Questions to ask when shopping for your child’s hearing aid

Families can use some or all of these questions when considering or deciding on a Hearing Aid Dispensary for their child:

  1. What experience do you have fitting children with hearing aid(s)?  OR Do you regularly fit children with hearing aid(s)?
    Make sure to let the dispenser know how old your child is and if your child has ear tubes or ventilating tubes in his/her ears make sure that the dispenser has experience with children with tubes.
  2. What is the breakdown of the cost of the hearing aid(s)?
    Breakdown should include: 
    • cost of hearing aid(s)
    • cost of earmolds
    • dispensing fee
  3. What trial period is offered for the hearing aid(s)?
  4. Is there a fee if the hearing aid(s) are returned during the trial period?
  5. Do you include a paediatric kit with the hearing aid(s)?  Is there a charge for the kit?  
    Kits typically include at least the following:  Battery Tester, Stereoclip and Earmold blower.
  6. Do you charge for the following? 
    • Office visits
    • Earmold tubing changes
    • Volume control covers
    • Other minor repairs
  7. Is there any charge for shipping repairs to the manufacturer when the hearing aid(s) is still under warranty?
  8. Do you provide loaner hearing aid(s) when the hearing aid(s) are sent in for repair? Is there a charge for the loaner hearing aid(s)?
  9. What is the warranty of the hearing aid(s)?  What does it cover?
  10. What is the remake warranty for the earmolds?
  11. Is there any charge for programming the hearing aid(s)?
  12. Can re-programming and adjustments be made on site?
  13. Are batteries included with the purchase of hearing aid(s)?  What is the cost of batteries?