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Communication Disorders
Communication Disorders

Speech-Language Pathology

Our team of Speech-Language Pathologists evaluate and treat children and adolescents with a variety of communication disorders that affect their ability to communicate.  This includes children that have difficulty with language, articulation, voice, resonance and fluency (stuttering). 

Our Speech-Language Pathologists must be regulated members of the College of Audiologists and Speech Language Pathologists in Ontario (CASLPO).

An online referral is necessary to access our outpatient services and can be facilitated through a medical physician or a registered Speech-Language Pathologist.  If you are a health professional please obtain a login from the ARMs website.  Once logged in you will be able to access our referral criteria.

Please see how to make a referral for more details.

Team members also serve as an integral component to many programs within the Hospital. Children who have undergone long-term hospitalizations or who have been unwell for an extended period of time often have speech and language delays. Affected communication skills may include: 

  • Understanding of language (e.g. following directions, responding to questions, understanding concepts and vocabulary such as “under” and “beside”)
  • Ability to use language effectively (e.g. grammar skills, telling about events from the past, story re-tell
  • Clarity of speech (e.g. production of age appropriate speech sounds)
  • Pragmatics (e.g. using language for the purpose of interacting with others) 

To learn more, please visit Multidisciplinary Teams.

Visit AboutKidsHealth.ca for more general information on speech and language disorders..