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Child and Youth Counsellors

Eating Disorders Day Hospital Program

CYC role with Eating Disorders Day Hospital Program: 

Within the Day Hospital Program, there are Child and Youth Cousellors (CYCs) who will be available to the youth at all times. A CYC will partner with each teen coming into the program as her/his “primary worker.” In collaboration with other members of the team, the CYC will provide individual support to the youth and assist in development of realistic and self-directed goals.

The CYC will meet with the youth on a weekly or as-needed basis to discuss goals and other areas of significance. In addition, the CYCs participate in the various functions of the Day Hospital including: participation in team meetings with the youth and family’s identified support team, therapeutic and recreational group co-leadership, planning and facilitation of food desensitization group with input from the clinical dietitian, meal support, and classroom support.

As the young person joins with the Day Hospital program, the CYC’s become very important members of their team. They will work alongside the youth in support of the youth and family’s journey. The CYCs will provide ongoing individual support for the youth when she/he is facing particular life challenges, but will also be on the lookout for steps towards change and consult the youth for meaning in the steps.