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Child and Youth Counsellors

Our guiding principles

  1. We will treat client/family with dignity and will respect their unique differences in culture, religions, race, and sexual orientation.
  2. We will respect the confidentiality of each client/family.
  3. We will respect, safeguard, and advocate for the rights of each client and/or family.
  4. We will be knowledgeable about and adhere to all relevant municipal, provincial, and federal laws.
  5. We will not use or condone the use of corporal punishment under any circumstances.
  6. We will not condone sexual involvement with clients.
  7. We will develop, implement, and administer the polices and procedures of our respective agencies and institutions.
  8. We will only enter into contracts that allow us to maintain our professional integrity.
  9. We will cooperate with other professions which offer service to our clientele.
  10. Recognizing that we are a catalyst for change we will
    • utilize current knowledgeable methods and techniques in order to provide quality service to our clientele and;
    • actively seek out opportunities to learn and develop as well as support growth in our co-workers and other professionals.
  11. We will promote client autonomy and increased self-esteem.
  12. We will treat our client holistically, encompassing family, peer group, and community.
  13. We are committed to the ongoing development of our profession through competent training and supervision of Child and Youth Worker students.
  14. We will conduct ourselves in a professional and ethical manner at all times.