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Child and Youth Counsellors

Child and Youth Counsellors

The practice of Child and Youth Counselling is:

"The assessment of maladaptive behaviour patterns and social-emotional functioning in children, adolescents, and young adults and the prevention and treatment of conditions in the individual, family and community, in order to develop, maintain, and promote emotional, social, behavioural, and interpersonal well-being within the context of daily living." © OACYC 2004

Only professional CYCs:

  1. have proven their initial education/training qualifications to an external body
  2. are required to keep current in the field; membership is conditional on the completion of annual professional development activities
  3. provide their signature of agreement to abide by the OACYC Code of Ethics
  4. are answerable to this Code; The OACYC has a complaints and discipline process available to members and the public alike
  5. have access to the professional resources of the OACYC, including a network of over 2500 professional CYCs (in Ontario and beyond)

Where do we fit in the multi-disciplinary team?

  • The child and youth care professional brings a diversity of experience to the team
  • Most entry level positions in child and youth care exist in residential and school-based programs
  • Residential work is where child and youth work began…essential experience for “grass roots” training
  • Confidence dealing with crisis
  • Skilled in identifying strengths and potential of children/youth
  • Relationship between client and CYC is the primary tool for supporting the client’s growth of skills, esteem, and emotional well-being
  • Advocate on behalf of child/youth and family

Who we are

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What we do

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Education and learning

Child and Youth Counsellors have a college diploma (Child and Youth Worker, or prior to 1987, Child Care Worker diploma, from an acredited college), with 1500 hours of field work.