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Individualized Therapy

Program for Individualized CF Therapy

The Program for Individualized CF Therapy is a collaboration between Cystic Fibrosis Canada, SickKids Foundation and The Hospital for Sick Children to develop a nationally accessible resource that will accelerate the development of precision medicine for the treatment of each individual living with Cystic Fibrosis.  

The program will generate model cell systems from 100 CF patients to be accessed by the Canadian CF research community. By sequencing data on these same patients, clinical research expertise can be used to support advancement of therapeutic candidates discovered or validated with these systems to the clinic. In addition, the program will establish training workshops for trainees to develop skills to take full advantage of these cellular systems, and synergy grants to foster research from across the country that employs these resources.  

For more information on this unique partnership between SickKids, SickKids Foundation and CF Canada and to donate to this exciting program, please visit here.  

Advances in the care and treatment of CF, including the discovery of the CF gene, have meant that CF patients are living better, and longer. Meet one of them.