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Training Programs

Training Programs

The mandate of the CF Canada-SickKids Program for Individualized CF therapy is to provide both resources and training for CF researchers to pursue studies on CF patient-derived induced pluripotent stem cells (iPS cells) and other CF-relevant systems to advance the goal of Personalized Medicine in CF.  

Our first training course is as follows:

1. Directed Differentiation of iPS Cells into Systems to Model CF Lung Disease.  
May 2-5, 2017 (3.5 days); $ 1,200 CAD (Academia) $ 4,000 CAD (Industry)

A comprehensive three day workshop on methods to maintain human iPS cells in culture, and directed differentiation of these cells to epithelial cells suitable as a model for the study of Cystic Fibrosis.  In this workshop trainees will have the opportunity to perform critical steps of the protocols.  We will discuss and demonstrate important aspects of the workflow including characterization of patient-derived iPS cells and how they can be used as a model system for the study of CF lung disease. The workshop will include lectures by world renowned researchers involved in the generation and expansion of iPS cells from blood, and in the differentiation of these cells to lung epithelia and other CF-relevant model systems. This course is open to Canadian and international academic trainees. Limited space will be available to industry participants.  

For more information, see the course poster.

Course details:

For course schedule, please click here.

Date: May 2-5, 2017
Location: Hospital for Sick Children and University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada
Format: Lecture and hands-on training
Maximum participants: 12
Cost: $ 1,200 CAD (academia) and $ 4,000 CAD (industry)
Requirements: Must have experience with tissue culture methods.  
Included: Workshop booklet, all materials and reagents used during a three and a half day course, four breakfasts, three lunches, three coffee breaks, one dinner and social activity.
Not Included: remaining meals, accommodations, travel and all other expenses.

The cost of this course is partially defrayed by the donation of reagents and funds by our generous sponsors. 

Under high demand and limited resources we reserve the right to limit participation in these programs. Download the training programs application form.

Training travel awards may be available for participation in one of the above training opportunities. The training travel award is valued at a maximum value of $2,500 CAD and will partially reimburse travel, accommodation and meal expenses incurred while attending one of the above training programs. Subject to the terms and conditions described on the travel award application (click link for application).

Other courses under consideration for future development:

2. Nasal cell culture and expansion. (possible future development; $ TBD)
Practical training on culturing primary nasal cells from CF donors and expanding for functional studies. Must have basic laboratory and tissue culture experience. Course is under consideration for a future offering.  

3. Functional studies on CF cell systems. (possible future development; $ TBD)
Introduction to cell-based assays for CFTR function in a variety of cell systems. Must have basic laboratory and tissue culture experience.

Submit one copy of each document and CV in Word or Adobe PDF format via email to the CF Centre Coordinator, candice.cumberbatch@sickkids.ca by March 24, 2017. Notification to all applicants, successful or unsuccessful is anticipated for the beginning of April 2017.