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Application Guidelines

Submission is electronic: must be sent via email to Candice Cumberbatch. If submission is too large for email, a Dropbox link can be sent via email so the file can be downloaded.

  • The submission should include one PDF file containing:
  • Cover Page: download from CF Centre website
  • Proposal: three single-spaced pages, must include:
    • Rationale and objectives
    • Expertise/qualifications of applicant essential for this study
    • Research outline, methods and time-line
    • Impact of study
    • Potential outcome
  • Appendices:
    • Maximum two pages of references with full titles
    • Maximum two figures
    • Maximum two reprints, manuscripts, etc. if absolutely pertinent
    • One-page budget justification (ineligible expenses: conference travel, standard office equipment, computer hardware, furniture) and personnel involved
    • Appropriate ethics protocols (these may follow application)
  • Must address all 'Criteria for Award'
  • Submission must be sent as a single PDF file that includes the complete application including CVs of all applicants/co-applicants.
  • Internal peer review not required

Applicants should submit their submission by email to Candice Cumberbatch


  • Submission deadline: TBA