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CF Research Catalyst Grant Competition

The purpose of this grant is to enable the generation of pilot data relevant to the discovery and/or implementation of therapeutic approaches for the treatment of CF by promoting innovative research related to the broad area of CF Research (basic or clinical). This grant is designed to provide researchers with seed money to pursue their non-conventional or radical ideas that would not otherwise qualify for funding from conventional sources at that stage of development.

We are pleased to announce the winner of the Fourth Annual CF Centre Catalyst Grant Competition for 2015/16.      

After receiving six exceptional submissions for this year's competition, we are happy to announce that our dedicated  panel of reviewers and Dr. Daniela Rotin of the SickKids CF Centre have chosen a winning submission.      

Drs. Giles Santyr, Felix Ratjen and Jonathan Rayment  have been awarded $50,000 to investigate "Multi-breath Wash-out Hyperpolarized Xenon Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Cystic Fibrosis with correlation to Lung Clearance Index (LCI)".  LCI, derived from multi-breath wash-out (MBW), has the potential to be a highly sensitive tool for early detection of CF, but can have variable response to monitor treatment for acute pulmonary exacerbations (APE). In this project, they will develop a novel MBW 129Xe MRI  technique, which will  provide regional quantitative functional information (ie. regional ventilation), expected to be strongly correlated with LCI and provide a platform for longitudinal monitoring of CF.

Congratulations to our colleagues and we wish them every success as they complete their research over the next 18 months.