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About Empower™ Reading

Who is EmpowerReading for?

Empower™ Reading can be used with struggling readers who vary in English language status, socioeconomic status, and intellectual functioning providing a new perspective on programming for individuals with learning disabilities (Lovett, De Palma, Frijters, Steinbach, et al., 2008; Morris, Lovett, Wolf, et al., 2012).

The components of Empower™ Reading together form a complete language arts program for individuals struggling with literacy skills. Empower™ Reading also provides continuity of instructional content across the multiple levels of the programs, targeting the specific needs of struggling readers across the developmental spectrum.

The Empower™ Reading modules—Decoding and Spelling for Grade 2-5 students; Decoding and Spelling for Grade 6-8 students; Comprehension and Vocabulary for Grade 2-5 students; High School which combines Decoding and Spelling and Comprehension and Vocabulary—can be taught independently allowing educators to select the Empower™ Reading program best-suited to the needs of the students.  The Empower™ Reading modules also can be used in combination for individuals with broader-based literacy difficulties.

Features that make Empower™ Reading unique and effective in addressing the literacy needs of children, adolescents, and adults:

    • Teaches students multiple strategies they can use to develop relevant literacy skills, enabling them to be flexible, multi-strategic, and independent readers.
    • Teaches students the preskills necessary to successfully apply the strategies. These preskills are particularly critical for students with significant gaps in their literacy skills.
    • Provides background knowledge about the English language.
    • Includes a metacognitive organizational structure that is explicitly taught to students.  This structure helps students orchestrate the appropriate selection, application, monitoring, and evaluation of the strategies independently by providing supportive prompts and a dialogue structure to guide and manage strategy use and monitoring.
    • Includes specific attributional retraining. The maladaptive beliefs and attitudes that students have developed are dealt with directly. Changing the students’ attitude towards learning and their beliefs about their own abilities is central to the Empower™ remediation process.  Empower™ Reading builds more constructive motivational profiles in struggling readers.
    • Empower™ Reading is highly structured and sequenced and can be delivered at different paces to meet individual student and group needs.