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"On behalf of my students, I would like to say thank YOU to Empower™ and the training that allowed me to deliver this most tremendous gift!  To provide a child with the skills to READ is life altering.  A massive thank you to SickKids!"
—Thorel Beckett, Empower™ teacher, PDSB

“I am a Grade 5 student. I am writing to say thank you to Empower™. It really has helped me to teach my brothers to read.  Empower™ has been helping me read better in science. The Sounding Out Strategy has been helping me read huge words.  The Rhyming strategy is awesome! I have a love for reading now.”
—Kemal, Grade 5 Empower™ student

“I am in grade 4. I am writing to say thank you for making Empower™.  Thank you for helping me with reading words by using the reading strategies. Thank you for helping me learn how to read long words. Thank you for helping me with the Sounding Out and the Rhyming strategies by making Empower™.  They help me with reading and spelling long words and now I like reading better and before I didn’t like reading at all.  And thank you for helping me learn Empower™ it helped me a lot with reading and spelling.  Thank you for making Empower™ it helped me a lot.”
—Daniel, Grade 4 Empower™ student.

“All students who participate in Empower™ demonstrate improvements in their reading skills, are able to transfer the strategies they learn to their classroom or home readings, and some do not need remedial services the following year.”
—John Mackle, Director of Education, PVNCCDSB

“Among the results achieved with the program are significant improvements in student reading levels… improved student attitudes towards learning, and improved educator attitudes and knowledge in addressing student learning needs….”
—Mark Harper, Superintendent, WRDSB