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Whom is Empower for?

All of the EmpowerTM Reading programs were developed for struggling learners. The EmpowerTM Reading Decoding and Spelling modules are equally effective for struggling readers who have a variety of ability profiles. Struggling readers with below average to low average cognitive abilities (commonly referred to as IQ) are able to benefit from this program as much as students with average to above average cognitive abilities (Morris, Lovett, Wolf, et al., 2012). The Decoding and Spelling Programs are equally effective with students who speak English as a first language (EFL)as with students whose native language is not English (referred to as English Language Learners (ELL) (Lovett, De Palma, Frijters, Steinbach, et al., 2008).

Based on the research that we have conducted, we provide the following recommendations as to which students will benefit from the programs.

The EmpowerTM Reading programs can be used with small groups of students (two or three) or with larger groups (six to eight students).  We recommend a group size of no more than eight in order to:

  • maximize the effectiveness of the program,
  • ensure that each student is able to see and hear the teacher clearly and have full view of the program presentation book and materials, and
  • have ample opportunity to practice the skills and strategies taught with individual students.

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