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Professional Development: High School

This professional development (PD) is required in order to purchase and teach Empower™ Reading: High School. The PD involves four full-day training workshops during the first semester (or year if de-semestered) of program implementation. As well, each teacher who receives training is assigned a mentor/coach who generally makes three to five visits to the teacher's classroom while he/she is instructing the program. The role of the mentor is to do all he/she can to support implementation of the program and to make it a positive and successful experience for both the teacher and his/her students. The mentor/coach is also available to answer any questions the teacher might have via email or phone. 

Professional Development Workshops: High School

  • Four full-day professional development workshops are provided during the first semester of the program’s implementation. Attendance is mandatory.  
  • The two-day workshop offered before teaching begins provide: (i) current research on reading disabilities and evidence-based literacy training, (ii) an overview of Empower™ Reading, and (iii) interactive training using modeling, with opportunities for practice and feedback, that focuses on metacognition and the content and skills necessary for instructing the first two decoding/spelling strategies and the first three reading comprehension strategies.  
  • Empower™ Reading workshops offered during the school year introduce new strategies, content, and skills for both decoding/spelling as well as reading comprehension in an interactive setting with modeling of lessons and practice opportunities for teachers. 
  • Annual half-day refresher workshops are provided as long as a teacher continues to teach Empower™ Reading. Attendance is mandatory.  
  • All workshops are conducted by experienced Empower™ Reading Trainers. 

Mentor/Coach In-Class Visits: High School 

  • Mentor/coaches visit teachers using Empower™ Reading at their schools three to five times during the first semester/year of program use.
  • During each visit, the mentor/coach: (i) models all or part of a lesson with the students, (ii) observes the teacher deliver the program to students, (iii) provides feedback regarding program delivery, pacing, and teacher-student interaction, (iv) addresses teacher concerns and questions, (v) reviews previously taught content and skills, and highlights upcoming content and skills, and (vi) monitors how students are progressing in program. 
  • Mentor/coaches will visit teachers continuing to use Empower™ Reading once or twice during the second semester of program implementation; additional visits will be provided in subsequent years as long as the teacher continues to teach the program.