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Professional Development: Overview

Professional development is provided and required for each of the four Empower™ Reading programs (Empower™ Reading: Decoding and Spelling, Grades 2-5; Empower™ Reading: Comprehension and Vocabulary, Grades 2-5; Empower™ Reading: Decoding and Spelling, Grades 6-8; Empower™ Reading: High School). All teachers instructing an Empower™ Reading program must receive the associated professional development to deliver the program.   

Our professional development (PD) model (Lovett, et al., 2008) was created to ensure the Empower™ Reading programs are taught as written so that the students who participate in our programs experience the same benefits from the programs that were observed during research.   

The ultimate goal of our PD is to improve student outcomes (e.g., basic word identification and decoding skills, comprehension) by changing teachers’ knowledge and skills, as well as their attitudes and beliefs about teaching reading. Our PD model includes the components reported to be important in effective PD.

  • Full-day, interactive workshops offered by knowledgeable and experienced Empower™ trainers; 
  • Information on reading development and disabilities and the specific instructional components of Empower™ Reading; 
  • In-school visits that provide support and instructional coaching, 
  • Email communication and website support, and; 
  • Long-term mentorship that continues for as long as the teacher instructs students using Empower™ Reading.