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Uniqueness of Research

The research conducted by Dr. Lovett and her team at SickKids is one reason why the investigation of reading disabilities is widely recognized as a “cognitive science success story”. Dr. Lovett is a recognized global leader for advancing the understanding of reading disabilities and reading remediation on a conceptual and practical level.   

    1. The LDRP was the first research laboratory to conduct randomized controlled trials to examine the differential effectiveness of different interventions for reading disabilities.  The team brought scientific rigour to a field previously informed largely by anecdote and opinion.
    2. Previous to the LDRP’s research, a clear understanding of what went wrong in the learning processes of individuals with learning difficulties did not exist. Using the treatment responses of struggling readers, the LDRP identified the core deficits of RD and re-conceptualized reading disorders. Dr. Lovett and the LDRP lead the field in developing treatments that target these underlying deficits, allowing thousands of children with reading difficulties to learn to read and generalize their skills to new learning opportunities.
    3. Through their significant findings, the LDRP broadened perspectives on the benefits of reading intervention not only for children diagnosed with learning disabilities but also for children whose reading difficulties may be related to environmental and social circumstances.