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Programs: Overview & Features


Empower™ Reading is a series of remedial reading programs designed to address the core learning problems of children and adolescents who struggle with reading. The programs offer remediation in decoding and word reading, spelling, vocabulary development and text comprehension. 

Empower™ Reading offers a comprehensive approach to teaching children and adolescents with various levels of reading disabilities, the skills needed to decode words, analyze text, and successfully learn to read and gain knowledge from written materials. 

There are four distinct literacy intervention programs that comprise Empower™ Reading:   

The components of Empower™ Reading, together, form a complete language arts program for individuals struggling with literacy skills. Empower™ Reading also provides continuity of instructional content across the multiple levels of the programs, targeting the specific needs of struggling readers across the developmental spectrum. 


  • Balanced and flexible teaching approaches and methodologies, to ensure individual learning preferences and cognitive strengths are optimized; 
  • Explicit teaching of skills and knowledge that are necessary for decoding and comprehension of different types of English text;
  • Programs delivered at different paces, so that both individual student and group needs can be achieved; 
  • Emphasis on consolidation, to help learners clarify and address any gaps, and promote mastery; 
  • Dialogue structure for learning that provides the seeds for later self-talk, self-monitoring, and strategy evaluation skills; 
  • Modelling with students being apprentices to an expert reader – initially the teacher and gradually students become the experts; 
  • Retraining unproductive attitudes and beliefs about success and failure.