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Professional Development

The Empower™ Reading: Professional Training, a series of comprehensive professional development workshops and coaching sessions, have been developed over the past 15 years and incorporates the key elements of effective training and professional development for educators and clinicians: metacognitive teacher training, instructional coaching, mentorship, and collaborative learning. Many teachers report feeling unprepared to address the literacy needs of struggling readers in their schools. Teachers trained to implement Empower™ Reading uniformly report feeling more effective as teachers, having increased knowledge about reading difficulties, and how to best remediate them.

For each level (Grade 2 to 5, Grade 6 to 8, High School) of each Empower™ Reading module, , separate professional training is provided and is tailored to the specific content of that module.

Features of the Empower™ Reading: Professional Training

Empower™ Reading Professional Training provides extensive instruction and support to ensure that individuals who implement Empower™ Reading are highly skilled, knowledgeable, and effective. Each training course is specific to one of the two Empower™ Reading modules and is sold with the corresponding program.

For each module, the Empower™ Reading: Professional Training Course includes:

Professional Development Workshops

Three to four (depending on the module) full-day workshops are available and include: (i) current research on learning disabilities and evidence-based practices in literacy training; (ii) an overview of Empower™ Reading, including its principles and applications; and (iii) specific skill and strategy training. The workshops are highly interactive, and provide trainees with many opportunities to ask questions, observe Empower™ Trainers in skill and strategy application, practice their skills, and receive immediate feedback in a supportive and nurturing environment. A half-day refresher workshop is also available to Empower™ Teachers during subsequent years of implementation..

On-site Coaching and Mentoring

On-site coaching and mentoring is an integral part of the professional training model. Empower™ teachers are provided with customized support and assistance within the classroom setting. Coaching and mentoring sessions are available in person or remotely using interactive video conferencing where participants can view, practice, and ask questions.

An Empower™ Reading Trainer visits the educator or clinician in his/her classroom/ tutorial setting a minimum of three times during the course of the individual’s first implementation of the Empower™ Reading program. During classroom visits, Empower™ Reading Trainers will do some or all of the following: 1) model all or part of a lesson with the students; 2) observe the educator/clinician deliver all or parts of an Empower™ Reading lesson to the students; 3) provide constructive feedback on program delivery, pacing, and corrective feedback; 4) address instructor concerns and questions; 5) review previously-taught content and skills; and 6) assist instructors in monitoring student progress and response to the programs.  Empower™ Teachers are supported during their second program implementation with a minimum of two on-site visits by an Empower™ Reading Trainer.

Empower™ Reading: Online Tools and Resources

Online tools and resources are designed to supplement the Empower™ Reading: Professional Training for Empower™ teachers. The Empower™ Reading secured site includes access to: (1) frequently asked questions; (2) resources for educators and professionals about learning disabilities and evidence-based remedial programming; (3) resources to support educators in their use of Empower™ Reading; (4) pre-recorded video clips of specific Empower™ Reading lessons and workshops; (5) and lectures by Dr. Maureen Lovett and the creators of Empower™ Reading.