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Egg Preservation: An option for young women at risk of sub-fertility

This white board video outlines the process of egg/oocyte preservation for young women considering this method of fertility preservation.  

For other videos, see the list at the bottom of the page. 



SickKids Fertility Preservation Program (SFPP pamphlet, Sperm banking for young men (pdf), includes topics such as:

    • Why do I have to decide right now?
    • Where do I sperm bank?
    • What happens at the sperm bank?
    • What if my family can’t afford to pay for it?
    • Will everyone know?
    • If I can’t make babies can I still have sex?
    • How does my stored sperm make babies?
    • What happens to my sperm? What if I cannot produce a sample?

Mount Sinai Sperm Banking pamphlet


Fertile Future brochures - See Cancer and Fertility, a Guide for Young Adults – includes topics such as:

    • Cancer and infertility
    • Cancer treatments that can cause infertility
    • Chemotherapy risks
    • Surgical risks
    • Premature ovarian failure
    • Egg cryopreservation
    • In Vitro maturation
    • Ovarian Tissue cryopreservation
    • Ovarian transposition
    • Fertility preservation options for males
    • Sperm cryopreservation, testicular shielding
    • Fertility options for cancer survivors


SickKids Departments:

Other Resources:

Cost reduction:



National Post story on the SickKids Fertility Preservation Program

Published papers:

An Approach to Fertility Preservation in Prepubertal and Postpubertal Females, Knight et al., Pediatric Blood Cancer

Hendershot, E., Maloney, A., Fawcett, S., Sarvanantham, S., McMahon, E., Gupta, A., & Mitchell, L. (2016). Advanced practice nurses: Improving access to fertility preservation for oncology patients. Canadian Oncology Nursing Journal / Revue Canadienne De Soins Infirmiers En Oncologie, 26(1), 40-45.

YouTube videos:

Egg Preservation: An option for young women at risk of sub-fertility

Fertility conservation and preservation

Fertility options for young female cancer patients

Fertility options for young male cancer patients

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