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Referral process

Referral process for Physicians/Health Care Team

Our team is committed to partnering with the primary health care team, recognizing the essential role each member plays in providing your patient with the best quality care, both at SickKids and when he/she returns home.  

Physicians interested in referring patients for MIBG treatment will be required to complete an ARMS (Ambulatory Referral Management System) Referral to the MIBG Program, to assist us in assessing your patient’s eligibility.

Please be advised that it may take one to two days for eCHN to send your username/password. For any technical issues, please contact eCHN Helpdesk directly at 416-813-7998 or toll free at: 1-877-252-9900. Alternatively they can be reached by email at: helpdesk@echn.ca

Once we have reviewed the referral information, we will be in contact with you to request additional information and/or to set up a telemedicine conference meeting with your team, along with the patient and their family.

To assist patients and families with their transition, our Patient Navigator program will collaborate with your team and the family to provide assistance with issues related to travel, accommodation, and navigating their way around the hospital and in the city.  Furthermore, for patients living outside of Ontario, our Patient Navigator will assist physicians in completing an Out-of-Province Prior Approval Application to the Provincial Ministry of Health. 

If you have any patient inquires or general questions, please contact our team at mibg.info@sickkids.ca

For more information on the referral process at SickKids, please visit the Refer a patient site.