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Cancer clinic space
Garron Family Cancer Centre


SickKids excels at converting basic research discoveries, such as the molecular and genetic basis of childhood cancer, into new treatments and therapies. Currently, GFCC researchers are focusing on three areas, believed to hold the most promise for better health outcomes and quality of life for paediatric cancer patients. These are: cancer stem cell research which could lead to preventative treatments, innovative cancer therapies to cure aggressive forms of cancer and personalized cancer care for safer and more effective treatment.

Over the past year, SickKids researchers have reported monumental discoveries that are changing the way the world approaches cancer diagnosis and treatment. A few examples of this are the genetic alterations responsible for drug resistance in the most deadly subgroup of ependymomas (a devastating type of brain cancer) and  the identification of the most important risk factor for a highly malignant brain tumour called medulloblastoma.