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Muskoka Initiative Consortium Knowledge Management Initiative

SickKids Centre for Global Child Health partnered on a three-year major initiative with the Muskoka Initiative Consortium of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) including CARE Canada, Plan Canada, Save the Children Canada and World Vision Canada, to develop and deliver a Knowledge Management (KM) / Translation (KT) Strategy for data stemming from 10 NGO-led Maternal, Newborn and Child Health (MNCH) projects in low and middle income communities in Africa and Asia.

These projects were funded through the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada (DFATD), with two primary goals: to demonstrate the value of cross-organizational collaboration in maternal, newborn and child health (MNCH), and to analyze, interpret and communicate the collective impact of some of Canada’s investment in MNCH.  The investment related to 10 MNCH projects implemented by the NGOs listed above, in 7 countries: Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Ghana, Mali, Pakistan, Tanzania and Zimbabwe.

Research Sub-Projects led by the Centre for Global Child Health

As part of this initiative the Centre for Global Child Health team conducted qualitative research in project implementation areas exploring Exclusive Breast Feeding and Antenatal Care service uptake.

Exclusive Breast Feeding

In Ethiopia and Mali, in collaboration with CARE and Save the Children, we conducted qualitative research seeking to understand what influences program implementation of Exclusive Breast Feeding. Here are some of the results:

Antenatal Care

In Ghana and Tanzania, we worked with our partner NGOs Plan International and World Vision to design and implement a qualitative study of adolescent mother’s perceptions and experiences accessing and utilizing antenatal care services. Here are some of the results:

This three year collaboration culminated in a two-day symposium in Toronto, Canada on June 24 and 25, 2015. For more information please visit the CAN-MNCH website.