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Social Network Analysis of the One Retinoblastoma World Network

Principal investigator: Dr. Helen Dimaras, Scientist at the Centre for Global Child Health and Child Health Evaluative Sciences at The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids), Assistant Professor at The Faculty of Medicine and Dalla Lana School of Public Health at the University of Toronto.

Global collaborative networks of international and multidisciplinary actors (e.g., individuals, institutions etc.) have emerged to meet various global health challenges, but it is not always clear how they act to meet intended outcomes. Network evaluation is one method of delineating the connectivity and robustness of networks, such that their effect on outcomes can be assessed.

Retinoblastoma network

Network evaluations applied to global health have the potential for great impact: discovering the prevalence and type of connections that govern global health activities; uncovering key actors in knowledge translation; and learning how to make collaborations stronger and more effective. Connectivity explored in such a way may lead to its validation as a measure or predictor of long-term sustainability of interventions and their impact.

A social network analysis of the One Retinoblastoma World network will reveal strong hubs of connectivity and weaker, disconnected nodes. By juxtaposing these identified features to the characteristics of each facility (e.g. expertise, patient volume, resources identified in the situational analysis) we will generate some predictors of the influence of connectivity on the capacity to deliver retinoblastoma care.

Learn more at http://lab.research.sickkids.ca/dimaras/