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SickKids Public Health Nutrition Course  

In order to increase the availability of training to health-care providers worldwide, the Centre for Global Child Health has developed and designed the SickKids Public Health Nutrition Course (SPHNC). By leveraging the expertise and global networks of SickKids, this free online course provides participants with exposure to key issues in public health nutrition with an emphasis on maternal and child nutrition.

This innovative and dynamic course is designed primarily for healthcare professionals, but also students and individuals seeking to learn more about nutrition, while striving to keep abreast of current evidence in a globalized world. The SPHNC encompasses current information on public health nutrition topics and includes a broad‐based curriculum that amalgamates and expands upon the information taught in leading North American, European, and low- and middle-income country (LMIC) academic centres. It also provides a novel opportunity for SickKids to share its knowledge, showcase the high-quality work being performed around the world, and add a more dynamic layer to the existing modes of public health nutrition education.

Visit the SPHNC website to learn more and start taking the course.

The Centre for Global Child Health is partnering with academic centres in LMICs to develop comprehensive in-service nutrition training packages for frontline workers. Learn more here. 

For more information contact: globalchild.health@sickkids.ca.