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Link to press release about Shlien and Tabori
SickKids scientists create new way to classify cancers based on unique hypermutant footprint (Thursday, October 19, 2017)
A game-changing study by SickKids suggests there could be a day where cancers are not classified by their tissue of origin (i.e. brain cancer, breast cancer, colon cancer) but rather by the number and type of genetic mutations they carry. The study is published in the Oct. 19 online edition of Cell.
Children’s temperaments linked to time spent outdoors (Wednesday, October 18, 2017)
Researchers at The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) set out to determine whether temperament was related to an area that hasn’t been examined before – outdoor play. The findings are published in Academic Pediatrics.
Link to press release on obesity by Drs Sung and Hui
Could on-and-off fasting help prevent obesity? (Tuesday, October 17, 2017)
Researchers examined the effect of an intermittent-fasting regimen, without restricting caloric intake, in mice. They found that an 'on-and-off' fasting regimen not only prevented obesity in mice, but also improved metabolism by changing the quality of fat in the body. The study is published in the Oct. 17 online edition of Cell Research.

2017 Gairdner Global Health Symposium
Wednesday, October 25, 2017

United Way Silent Auction
Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Pizza Sale for United Way
Monday, October 30, 2017

Link to perspective about child health assessments
How to improve health technology assessments for children (Friday, October 6, 2017)
Dr. Avram Denburg, Staff Oncologist and Project Investigator at SickKids, gives his perspective on health technology assessments for children.
Link to perspective from Dr. Victoria Forster on Childhood Cancer Awareness Month
Life after childhood cancer: My dual roles as a researcher and survivor (Friday, September 29, 2017)
Dr. Victoria Forster, post-doctoral fellow in Genetics & Genome Biology at SickKids, gives her unique perspective on Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, as both a survivor and researcher of childhood cancers.
Link to perspective by Charis Kelly on burn prevention
This long weekend prevent burns before they happen (Friday, August 4, 2017)
Charis Kelly, Nurse Practitioner in the Burn Program, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, gives her perspective on burn prevention and safety.



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