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Medical Directives
Medical Directives

Medical directives usage

Our inter-professional health care team heavily relies upon the medical directive process at SickKids. It was reported from our 2007 Medical Directive Yearly evaluation that medical directives were being implemented 6941 times weekly.

As of January 2009, we have:

  • Almost 400 medical directives in the system either in use or moving through the approval process.
  • Due to the magnitude of medical directive use at SickKids, there are many stakeholders involved in this process. 
    • 298 Responsible Physicians
    • 449 active users        

The table below details our approved directives to date, highlighting medication medical directives.

Medical Directives


Total approved directives


Medication medical directives - APN


Medication medical directives - General class *


*Medication ‘General Class’ indicates a non-APN directive but could be from varying professional roles: for example, Nursing, Respiratory Therapy, or Clinical Dietetics.