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Medical Directives
Medical Directives

Using medical directives for out-patient prescriptions

Here’s what you need to know about medical directives for out-patient prescriptions.

The prescriptions are a physician's order. As such, any prescriptions completed pursuant to a medical directive must:

  1. Specifically identify the medical directive,
  2. Identify the individual responsible for implementing the directive (name and signature),
  3. Contain the name of the prescribing physician,
  4. Contain contact information to clarify any questions.
  5. As desired, a copy of the medical directive may be forwarded to further demonstrate the integrity of the order.

The Federation of Health Regulatory Colleges of Ontario, Guide to Using Medical Directives and Delegation provides a specific Recommended Format for prescriptions.

At SickKids, in order to meet this standard all our prescriptions will have an attached label. Labels will include the information required for medical directives.

All prescriptions written pursuant to medical directives from SickKids should have this label and can be confirmed via the SickKids medical directives validation system.