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Paediatric Laboratory Medicine

Symposium 2015

Laurence E. Becker Symposium: Advances in Paediatric Laboratory Medicine
19th Annual DPLM Symposium and 13th Laurence Becker Symposium

Children Are Not Small Adults: Metabolic and Endocrine Disorders of Childhood and Adolescence

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

 8:45 - 9 a.m.  


Dr. Richard Hegele, Chief, Department of Paediatric Laboratory Medicine, The Hospital for Sick Children and Chair, Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology, University of Toronto

 9 - 10 a.m.  

Department of Paediatrics Grand Rounds

Cell-Based Insulin Replacement for Diabetes

Dr. Timothy Kieffer, Professor, Cellular & Physiological Sciences and Surgery, University of British Columbia

 10 - 10:20 a.m.  

Coffee Break
(Rotunda, 1st Floor, Black Wing)

 10:20 - 10:50 a.m.  

Paediatric Type 2 Diabetes: Small Patients, Large Problems

Dr. Elizabeth Sellers, Associate Professor, Paediatrics and Child Health, University of Manitoba and Children’s Hospital Research Institute of Manitoba

 10:50 - 11:20 a.m.  

Metabolic Disturbances in Children with Hypothalamic Obesity Treated for Craniopharyngioma

Dr. Jill Hamilton, Department of Paediatrics, The Hospital for Sick Children

 11:20 - 11:50 a.m.  

Pediatric Lipid Disorders: Familial Hypercholesterolemia

Dr. Brian McCrindle, Professor of Paediatrics, The Hospital for Sick Children

 11:50 - 12:20 p.m.  

Closing the Gaps in Paediatric Reference Intervals for Metabolic and Endocrine Markers – The CALIPER and CHMS Initiatives

Dr. Khosrow Adeli, Professor, Departments of Biochemistry and Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology, The Hospital for Sick Children

 12:30 - 2:30 p.m.  

Lunch and Posters

2:30 – 3 p.m.  

Poster Awards Presentation and Reception
(Cafeteria Greenery, Main Floor, Atrium Wing)


2015 Abstract - Winners

BSc and MSc
1st - Victoria Higgins
2nd - Allison Bourne

1st - Jennifer Taher
2nd - Scott Ryall
3rd - Sarah Delaney

1st - Phedias Diamandis
2nd - Kim Zhou
3rd - Dan Lin

Research/Medical Technologists
1st - Vilma Navickiene
2nd - Leslie Steele
3rd - Marianne Eliou/ Jennifer Orr